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Lothar Goetz - Staircases
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A new monographic book celebrating fifteen staircase murals by Lothar Götz, published for the opening of 'Xanadu' which was commissioned for the reopening of Leeds Art Gallery in November 2017 and supported by the Art Fund, Art Happens. The book is perfect bound, with 120 pages in luscious colour and pays tribute in form and size to *Reclam books (see below).

designed by Alex Rich
introduction by Sarah Brown, Principal Keeper, Leeds Art Gallery
text by Bazon Brock in German and in English
printed by Die Keure, Brugge, Belgium
published by domobaal editions 2017
ISBN 978-1-905957-58-3

Staircases is supported by:
The University of Sunderland
Leeds Art Gallery
among others.

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*Reclam Verlag or just Reclam is a German publishing house, established in Leipzig in 1828 by Anton Philipp Reclam (1807–1896). It is particularly well-known for the 'little yellow books' of its Universal-Bibliothek (universal library), simple paperback editions of literary classics for school and education.

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