Stuart Brisley - full set of 7 books - 2013 - 0
Stuart Brisley - full set of 7 books - 2013
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Stuart Brisley 

The full set of seven monographic publications by domobaal and Mummery + Schnelle.

Each are: soft cover, offset printed, 26.6×20.6cm, fully illustrated and focus on a single body of work as follows: Jerusalem (2011–12), The Missing Text (2012–13), Homage to the Commune (1976), 12 Days (1975), Hille Fellowship Poly Wheel (1970), Photography (1988–91), Before the Mast (2013). 

Titles are availble as single books and as a set, the series is published in an edition of 300 sets, and is also available presented in a cloth-bound slipcase made by the Book Works Studio to order. For more information or to purchase the boxed-set in a slip-case, please contact the gallery directly. Here we are offering the full set, unsigned and unboxed.

domobaal editions
ISBN 978 1 905957 52 1